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Metal siding is a very versatile industry-wide standard in construction. With the variety of different profiles, gauges and colours there are a lot of conditions that siding is a suggested product. Cost-effective and quick to install, a lot of customers choose siding over alternate building materials as it is durable and encloses their building quickly. We can offer a complete wall system through the use of various siding products. Taken right from the structural steel shell, liner sheet is installed which makes up the interior finish and Air Vapour Barrier. Galvanized sub girts attached to structural components create adequate space for the required insulation within the wall cavity. Exterior siding is then installed, attaching to the galvanized sub girts. This general principle can be adapted to a variety of different construction materials such as drywall stud walls and blocks.

Metal roofing offers a very sleek conventional design to most buildings. Similar to siding there is a variety of different profiles, gauges, and colours available. Most roof panels use a fastening clip system that has taken into consideration our Canadian climate, which enables movement in the product. If installed correctly, metal roof systems can last 2 – 3 times longer than most other roofing products.

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