Insulated Metal Panel (IMP)

Typically used on the interiors of building as walk-in coolers, this product has evolved and is now installed on exteriors of buildings. Prefinished materials sandwiched between Polyisocyanurate or Roxul insulation to create a complete wall system. Panels can be erected directly to Structural steel components and fastened via fastening lip on a panel or Structural clip attached to the backside. The installation of this panel is very quick. With new requirements in the building code for spatial separation, Insulated Metal panel offers a lot of advantages due to the construction of the panel, which has a better fire rating than field-constructed fire-rated wall systems. There is a variety of profiles, finishes, and colours available from our numerous suppliers. The panel joints can vary in width, but the same principle is used to seal the panels on the backside. There is a caulking joint that is installed at the back leg of the joint to create the Air / Vapour Barrier. Air / Vapour barrier can then be transferred from the backside of the panel to the various tie-ins at the roof, windows/doors, and foundation/base.

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