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Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels

Aluminum Composite
Material (ACM) Panels

ACM panels provide a prefinished panel that is easily and quickly installed. The system consists of prefinished flat material that is routered on the backside of the panel to the desired panel size, returns are created on each panel for attachment of aluminum extrusion. The panel is fastened to the wall by use of an aluminum clip that is attached to the aluminum extrusion affixed to the prefinished material. The clips allow the next panel to be installed by sliding it onto the extrusion. A flat piece of the ACM material, commonly referred to as “filler strip” is then installed to cover the clip system. The panel is designed to be “Rain Screen Principle”, which shed the water but does not prevent it from entering behind the panel. Membranes are a key component in the installation of these panels and are more important than the panel for the functionality of the wall assembly
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